Nicolas Beauvais
by Nicolas Beauvais

Introducing ShieldDB

Build your app faster while we handle system administration, monitoring, scaling, backups and updates.

04:04 May 11, 2019 - Last revision: 09:31 June 30, 2019

Spending days to properly configure a database is cumbersome, you always discover misconfiguration along the way, sometimes it can even be severe security flaws, or badly configured backup, always due to a lack of knowledge that is hard to overcome.

Today, most cloud companies like AWS, GCP or more recently DigitalOcean provides managed database for a premium, which let you go faster without having to learn all the system administration.

Neo4j being less popular than MySQL or MongoDB the offer in managed database is quite limited and we felt like we could provide users with an easier to use managed database tool.

They are 4 core features that are essential for us to make Shield DB competitive:

Fast provisioning

The instance created must be optimized to give the most hardware capacity to the database. The database needs to be properly configured, with all security feature enabled. Users must keep access to the provisioned instance.

Automatic backups

Backups need to be created at least once a day and securely stored in a safe place with redundancy in multiple data centers.

Reliable monitoring

If something goes wrong, like too many concurrent requests or almost no more disk to store data, an alert has to be sent.

Easy scaling

When the data grows, it must be easy to upgrade the instance memory or disk.

Once the 4 core feature will be operational a first beta phase will be launched to test the stability of the service.

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